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Happy 2014

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Beautiful Ruins

The long Winter evenings over Christmas cry out for a fire, a glass of Chianti and a good book. "Beautiful Ruins" was my book of choice and its cover is not only what made me buy it but also reminded me of  why at Barlow Doherty we are so passionate about design. It was the same era the book cover alludes to that Louis Cheskin transformed the world of design and packaging. He was the first person to utilise customer feedback in design and acknowledge that people's perceptions of products and services were directly linked to design; before it had all been a jumble of marketeers expectations and guesses. Cheskin gave us the knowledge that "the product is the package and the product combined."

Malcolm Gladwell in his brilliant book "Blink" talks of the brandy trials the Cheskin Company ran. 2 brandies were blind tasted with unknown origins, secondly with consumers knowing the brand name and finally with the bottle in view. The conclusion was that with the bottle in view the brandy who was losing market share lost out in consumer trials. The product tasted great, had a valued brand name but the bottle was tall and slim and perceived more like a wine bottle. Hence subconsciously consumers didn't associate it with a good brandy.

2014, a year of great design ahead (and plenty of good books too).