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What happened to the good old printed map? Satnav has taken over. We will forever be tracked and never discover that exhilarating experience of actually being 'lost' when your map reading skills have gone awry. The joy of human error. Journalist and software engineer Jon Evans laments in the Alpine Review of how getting lost will become an extinct pastime and how people who "have never known the intoxicating terror of being lost will be far less able to deal with the new, the uncertain and inevitable transience of everything in strikes me as akin to settling into a very comfortable wheelchair rather than learning how to run".

A brilliant recent ad campaign for Whiskas, featured in Creative Review caught our eye. A huge turn in aesthetic for the Whiskas brand. Sepia aged maps charting the living room, kitchen and garden of a house from a cat's point of view. This cat will certainly have the freedom to discover hidden spots amongst the 'Sore Paw Crossing' and the 'Table Top Mountain'.

For map lovers, the stunning blog Walk With Me Maps, dedicates itself to all manner of maps and is a visual feast. Unless you speak Portuguese, getting lost here could be a definite possibility!