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BD Team Day

Packaging, DesignVanessa BarlowComment

At BD we have taken to a regular medicinal dose of 'washing our eyes'.

The designer, Issey Miyake, taught us this method of getting back to our roots. After his seasonal show, Miyake visits the people that first inspired him in design, the ceramacist Luice Rie and the installation artist Christo. They help him get back to basics. The Japanese call it 'washing your eyes'.

Our BD team day took us to a picturesque riverside location in Chiswick to enjoy a day of inspiring team togetherness and the chance to get back to what makes us tick and keep creative day to day in the studio. To help us along the way we had the chance to work with 'Knot Workshops' on a brilliant speed prototyping exercise to design some packaging for the humble carrot. The inspiration for the exercise came from a story from King Arthur and his knights. After a bloody battle, Sir Launcelot (swoon) would retreat to the forest alone and eat simply; foraged vegetables and spring water. To cleanse his mind and 'wash his eyes'.

The result after 15 minutes of speed designing in our teams; some brilliant prototyped packaging crowned the carrot as no longer a basic vegetable but a vegetable of luxury and aspiration.

Definitely good enough for the dashing Sir Launcelot.