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Mast Brothers

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The 'man-crush' is quite the crush to have at the moment. Since Giles Coren declared in the Times last week, his new man crush to be Poldark's Aidan Turner, social media has been buzzing with #mancrush and the world sharing theirs.

The BD Studio has been known to have the odd #mancrush. More on the cards, however, is #foodcrush, something we can be consistently relied upon to develop. Right now this is Mast Brothers. The delicious artisan, bean to bar, Brooklyn based chocolate makers. Their exquisitely designed brand can now be found in Shoreditch with the recent opening of their flagship UK store.

The two Mast Brothers have Shoreditch style hipster beards, the result of a promise that they wouldn’t shave until they had sold 1000 bars of chocolate. 1000's of bars of the beautifully wrapped chocolate have been sold, but the beards they hung on to.

BD's Senior Designer Miguel has been secretly planning a NY trip solely to visit their store and meet the brothers. His #foodcrush #mancrush can now be fulfilled within 10 miles of his home. Win-win.

#foodcrush #chocolatecrush #mancrush, we've covered all of them.