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Armagnac is the oldest brandy distilled in France. Its history included consumption on a medicinal basis and claimed to have 40 virtues from curing gout, healing wounds, preserving youth to enlivening spirits. The latter is one we can definitely agree on.

We were thrilled to have worked on two ranges of Armagnac, Château de Hontambère and The Rare Armagnac Collection. Château de Hontambère is a limited edition luxury Armagnac from 1979. Our branding reflects its uniqueness; the label and cap evocative of its golden hues and refined taste. Château de Hontambère sits alongside The Rare Armagnac Collection; a range of 6 Armagnacs produced using traditional methods; one-off bottlings from small producers, not normally readily available outside of the region.

The long heritage of Hontambère is represented in the symbol we created – inspired by the beautiful water source and history of Hontambère which combined with artisanal skill produces an aromatic, authentic Armagnac of purity and elegance.

Château de Hontambère and The Rare Armagnac Collection both tell a story ofthe alchemy of Armagnac. A mythical theory of turning common metals into gold. From the copper of the still, which the Armagnac is produced in, to the golden tones of the final product. 

Turning copper to gold is another virtue we can add to the list of the elixir that Armagnac is.