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Wine Art

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The 2015 London Wine Fair was a hub of activity around the BD stand. Centre stage was our collection of prints 'Wine Art'. A series of posters designed by the ever creative BD studio design team, each depicting a different grape variety. The posters generated so much interest on the stand; the most commonly asked question being 'can I buy one?'. So we decided to do just that and make 'Wine Art' available to buy online. Prices from £16.50.

New designs will be added regularly; the inaugural collection includes:

VIOGNIER 'The Road to the Valley of Hell'

The origin of the name Viognier is obscure. This print is inspired by one legend which states that it draws its name from the Roman pronunciation of Via Gehennae, meaning the ‘Road to the Valley of Hell’, an allusion to the difficulty of growing this grape.


SHIRAZ ‘Shiraz, Mate’

Join our hero, James Busby, on a wonderous adventure through the history of Shiraz. Follow the journey of the Syrah grape from the vineyards of France to Australia’s then fledgling vineyards.


RIESLING ‘The King of the German Vineyard’

Widely acknowledged as the king of German vineyards, this often misunderstood variety
is quite unlike any other. Much like the Riesling grape, this king has aged extremely well.

A splendid addition to any wine lover's walls.