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Being Brave

Vanessa BarlowComment

We can no longer rely on discounting to lead wine retail sales, regardless (and in part, due to) the growth in sales of the discounters themselves, Lidl and Aldi. Margins and SKUs are dwindling and that combined with a savvy modern consumer has meant we need to reach outside of our comfort zones and forge new ideas.

A recent trip to Sweden by BD Account Manager, Stephi, highlighted the need to find new ways to embrace shelf presence. This involves being brave. In Sweden, alcohol is confined to Government controlled stores and advertising at any level is restricted. The brands that do best take the constraints put upon them and use them to their advantage to stand out in-store. As Charles Eames famously quotes: “design depends largely on constraints." Silk flowers and ribbons adorn bottles and labels pack a punch. The marketing constraint of being limited to purely shelf presence has bred new and boldly creative ideas.

Bravery can take shape in different ways; context for your brand is vital. But take the new constraints that face us and use them to step out of your norm. In the words of an old Chinese proverb, "Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."