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Look Good On Paper

Things we like, Design, Art, PackagingVanessa Barlow1 Comment

Paper is the most historic medium we have to hand in our day-to-day lives. It was invented in ancient China around 200 AD but didn't reach Europe until the 11th Century. The name originates from papyrus; paper in its original form. As our world becomes ever increasingly screen focused, paper holds a unique resonance about it. The touch and smell remind us of who we are and where we came from. It gives our head and hands the opportunity to be free of the constraint of a keyboard or a computer's interpretation of what we actually meant. We are free to create.

Paper offers endless opportunities for design, its texture, strength and flexibility can be utilised to form an array of shapes and products. As global resources become scarcer, paper holds a fascination for the consumer.

Here at BD, we live and breathe paper. Wine labels, brochures, wine lists, food packaging, gift boxes, point of sale... the list is endless. Over the next week we are celebrating all things paper, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and send us your paper inspiration! #LookGoodOnPaper