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Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Sold

Design, Packaging, Spirits, WineVanessa BarlowComment

The BD studios New Year resolution has been to push one of our company values 'bravery', to the foreground. It is an important time for brands to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd.

Innovation is constantly disrupting the marketplace and consumers are becoming increasingly savvy. By embracing bravery, whilst respecting your brands story, you will undoubtedly improve your in-store presence and gain on-shelf consumer attraction.

Wine advertising is only 7% of what is spent on beer so your moment to market your product is almost exclusively on the shelf. New research on bottle design from the US by Nielsen showed that 64% of consumers are trying a new product simply because the packaging catches their eye. Inspiring design is not just key to sales, it is vital.

The research went on to show that 77% more consumers will see wines that use bright, bold designs. Some of these brands keep people's attention for more than twice the time of other bottles. If your wine retails below $20 the research proves that adventurous labels and capsules using bright colours, especially red, orange and gold work best. The same applies for wines above $20, a category known for believing that traditional branding sells premium products: It isn’t always the case.

It has never been a greater time to take on board the saying that Fortune Favours The Brave.