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Do It Differently

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It is not often in life that we can call a “classic’, in the world of wine, a bottle which resembles an other worldy life form: Something astronaut Tim Peake would have enjoyed with his newly created Heston menu whilst staring down to earth from The International Space Station.

Pendulum came to life fifteen years ago and at the time responded to a brief of creating impact. Luckily, our interpretation of impact paid off, sales were huge and many spin offs appeared as a result. When discussing a brand’s success we need to think about making a difference: Delivering great design that steers your brand away from the rest yet evocative of your products values.

In packaging, colour is the first way to get a buyer’s attention, and the most successful ones become more than a classic, they become iconic. The orange Veuve Clicquot non vintage Champagne label is actually trademarked such is its power in naming its identity.

Marlon Brando was always looking for ways to shake up the status quo, in his 2015 documentary Listen To Me Marlon, the urgency for difference runs through the audio tapes he made “Never let the audience know how it’s gonna come out. Get them on your time ... Hit ’em. Knock ’em over with an attitude, with a word, with a look. Be surprising. Figure out a way to do it that has never been done before.”

 And Marlon became a classic too. He stood out and lived life large; true to himself and his beliefs. Subsequently hailed as one of the greatest and most influential actors of all time: That’s impact right there.

 “I’m going to have a special microphone placed in my coffin, so that when I wake up in there, six feet under the ground, I’m going to say: ‘do it differently’.’’