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The London Wine Fair

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An old Chinese proverb says 'I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.'

'Doing' is vital to our design process. The more we explore by making ideas real, the more we gain creatively and commercially.

The Studio is buzzing with 'doing', energy and anticipation in preparation for the 2016 London Wine Fair. Our team of designers and illustrators have had an additional project to fuel their individual creative prowess: The second range of our much loved 'Wine Art' posters. Every poster in the 'Wine Art' range depicts a different grape variety. Our launch collection last year explored Viognier, Shiraz and Riesling. This year we have another five to add to the mix. Here is a sneak preview of three from the new range to whet your palate:

'The Chardonnay Smackdown' by Hannah Watkinson

The most famous vine variety of all. From the apple-crisp Chablis to the tropical fruit flavours of an Australian Chardonnay, this grape is grown worldwide. Who would win the battle on your tastebuds?

'The Zinfandel Controversy' by Scott Wrigg

Follow Agoston Haraszthy, ‘the father of modern Californian winemaking’, as he traverses the world in his quest to bring the Zinfandel grape to the west coast of America. Adventure, drama
and intrigue all play a part in this unique true story…is that a crocodile on the horizon?

'Touring Inter-Nacional' by Miguel De Almeida

Touriga Nacional is a truly international grape variety. It has travelled around the world (California, South Africa, Australia), via its native Portuguese seafarers. Explore the taste and heritage of this global explorer: Touriga. Where will it land next?

'Wine Art' can be viewed at the London Wine Fair, Olympia, May 3rd-5th, Stand J58. The new posters will be available to buy online from May 6th. Prices from £16.50.