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It's a Dog's Life

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In the BD studio we have a member of staff who has a very creative way of how he likes to work. He has shunned the regular desk and chair option, not for an on-trend stand up desk to improve his muscle tone. But something a little more cozy. A beanbag under a desk.

Indy is our resident studio dog. He is part guard-dog (takes this role a little too seriously sometimes, he is working on that barking thing as part of his appraisal targets), part stress reliever and part creativity booster.

Dogs take whatever comes their way, that tail keeps wagging when the stress levels are rising. Calming and nurturing, they help people relax and re-energise. When we are relaxed and feeling fresh and focused not only do we work better together as a team, we are also more creative. 

In the UK we lag behind the US where around 1 in 5 employers accept dogs at work. However, progressive companies like Google are leading the way. In the US, Etsy has had a dog-friendly office policy since 2005, even going so far as to create a 'canine operation team'. G5 CEO Dan Hobin quotes “Dogs in the office foster friendlier, more collaborative work environments. Everyone rallies around the dogs” In Taiwan, over half of businesses are pet friendly.

The annual Chiswick Dog Show is a local charity event we enjoy supporting to raise funds for the historic Chiswick House and grounds. We created their branding and did some debating (low level arguing) over who got to be the volunteer in the puppy pen. Hannah won btw.

So come on, UK, lets make it a dogs life at work and at play.