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Storytelling The German Way

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The end of this week sees the start of ProWein 2017. The biggest international wine and spirits trade fair. We will be heading to Dusseldorf to investigate new trends and feed our creative juices.

At BD, the question we are always asking ourselves is 'How can we stand out in a crowded market?'. Even though it may feel to many that brands have exhausted every possible marketing route, we see only possibility. Creativity is a wonderful thing. In the words of writer and activist Maya Angelou 'You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.'

Storytelling is part of the creative journey and is the most important aspect of any design and marketing process. In our creative journey, we love to experiment with food and drink ideas to stimulate inspiration. Recently, we have been trialing our own krautchi courtesy of Abel and Cole's DIY kit.

Krautchi is a cross between sauerkraut and kimchi. (Of course). A spicy cabbage fermented dish which is great for your gut as well as your taste buds. Abi and our CFO, Chris, were especially excited by the experimentation and the results were suprisingly unique in texture and taste.

Sauerkraut, as we all know, is a huge part of Germany's story. Fermented foods have a long history in many cultures as a way of preserving foods and maintaining health: Especially sailors, who recognised its benefit in preventing scurvy. Originally a Chinese invention around 2,000 years ago, sauerkraut took root in the German culture during the 1600s and became a staple part of their story. Recipes vary regionally, as does the associated folklore of its benefits. Recent research has shown sauerkraut to have cancer fighting properties.

We are hoping there will be a little sauerkraut discussion at ProWein where we can share our own krautchi making story.

We suggested Chris leaves his Lederhose at home (just this time).