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Is it Okay to Drink Rosé?

Wine, Things we like, Packaging, DesignVanessa BarlowComment

Last Summer saw the birth of a new trend which just keeps growing: Brosé, defined quite simply as men who aren't afraid to drink rosé. In fact, men made it their everyday tipple and joined consumers in doubling sales of rosé across many retailers.

The irony of the societal assumption that pink is for girls only, is that in the 18th century children wore white clothing up until the age of 6. In the early 1900s media decreed boys should wear pink and girls blue, only for it to be reversed by clothing manufacturers in the 1940s. Pink was then declared a 'pretty' colour for girls and god forbid what would happen to your child if you didn't follow the new rules.

Brosé is a social media campaign which took a hybrid of the name Frosé, the delicious on trend frozen cocktail, to mark their 'we are not afraid to drink pink' mission. We decided to have a Frosé evening to announce the start of Summer. Having recently purchased a Nutribullet for the studio it seemed BD appropriate to see if its cocktail making skills matched its green smoothie prowess.

The result was utterly delicious and embraced fully by all the males in the Studio (although to be fair they had been on the rosé drinking wagon for some time).

So yes, it is most definitely okay to drink rosé and we plan to keep our rosé tinted glasses on all Summer long.