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Chateau de Hontambere


Project Includes

       Brand Creation
✓    Label Design
✓    Packaging Design
      Outer Case Design
✓    Web Design
       Point Of Sale
✓    Copywriting
✓    Marketing/Strategy
✓    Artwork

✓    Print Management

Print Finishes

✓    Embossing
✓    Raised Varnish
✓    Screen Varnish
      Gloss Varnish
      Metallic Pantones
✓    Metallic Foil


From Copper To Gold

We were thrilled to work with premium Armagnac producer, Château de Hontambère to develop their branding and marketing materials from scratch. What excited us was not just working with a brand that has a fascinating heritage but the chance to embrace the power of print. 

Armagnac has a rich history and has been distilled in the region for over 700 years; an artisanally-crafted product that is still made in the traditional manner – using copper pot stills to turn spirit into the elegance and richness of Armagnac; an alchemy that brings generations of skill to this treasured ‘Elixir’. 

The branding and the assets we developed really help bring this wonderful story to life, whilst adding an element of luxury and aspiration; the heritage of Hontambère is represented in the symbol we created – inspired by the beautiful water source and history of Hontambère that, combined with artisanal skill, produces an aromatic, authentic Armagnac of purity and elegance. 

The traditional copper still in which the Armagnac is produced is represented in the rich golden tones of the capsule, the label detail and the fonts. The opulence and premium quality of the bottle, mirrored in the business cards and the print booklets we designed, enhance the story of Hontambère. With such a premium product, the printed materials really help to add the added refinement and luxury – something that a website alone would not have been able to achieve.



Web Design


Our digital experts created a fully responsive website to showcase the product and engage with its target audience, adding value and drawing awareness to the brand.