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Martinborough Vineyard


Project Includes

       Brand Creation
       Brand Creation
✓    Label Design
       Packaging Design
✓    Outer Case Design
       Web Design
       Point Of Sale
✓    Artwork
✓    Print Management

Print Finishes

✓    Raised Varnish
      Screen Varnish
✓    Gloss Varnish
      Metallic Pantones
✓    Metallic Foil


The Charter Of Excellence

A contemporary-classic label with a strong voice and ownership of the Martinborough Vineyards story.

The neck label provides premium cues, whilst taking inspiration from the 5 points of the Martinborough Vineyards Charter of Excellence:

  • Authenticity
  • Excellence
  • Pedigree
  • Attention to Detail
  • Stewardship of the Land

The labels themselves position the vineyard as pared back, but premium and confident. Each with their own unique voice, but obviously a part of the same highly-respected Martinborough Vineyards family.

The Co-ordinates

The location of Martinborough Vineyard is integral to their success as a wine producer. 

We have introduced the exact co-ordinates of the vineyard as a design element. They are framed within a border, which acts a pinpoint, indicating Martinborough as THE location for exceptional New Zealand wine.

Updating The Brand

The 'Martinborough' logotype has been refined. Vineyard has been changed to a confident, modern sans serif. 

The hills of Nga Waka o Kupe (which overlook the vineyard) are represented with a stylised stroke which brings energy and provenance to the logo.

Before & After